NMG is an established Integrated Facility Management Company in GCC. It forms part of Al Sofi Group, a leading Human Resource Company, operational for over 3 decades in the GCC, successfully partnering with 500+ companies in assisting them to achieve their organisational goals.

NMG is an extension of the scope of services provided by us to our clients for enhancement of their organisation by offering comprehensive solutions for various services ranging from Soft Services, Technical Services, General Maintenance, Home Services and Specialised Services to our Clients from various industries in all regions across GCC.

At NMG, with our resources of highest standard in regards to facilities, equipments and team of specialists along with professional work process , we successfully fulfil required assignments no matter the constraints.



BMS - Building Management Systems

Our trained professional team take care of building Automation System like Fire Alarm System, HVAC,CCTV, Security access control, Vesda, Elevators etc.


We provide plumbing services which includes installation, preventive maintenance, and repair of water supply systems, sewage and water disposal systems for plumbing and sanitary.

STP operation & maintenance

We provide operational and maintenance service of sewage treatment is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater and household sewage water. Its aim is to produce environmentally safe sewage water, called effluent, and a solid waste, called sludge or bio solids, suitable for disposal or reuse.

Vendor Management

We partner with the best-in-class vendors to provide the optimal mix of self-performed and contracted-out services to meet our clients' quality and cost goals.

HVAC Operation & Maintenance

We provide HVAC operational & maintenance services with our professional team to continuous monitoring the related parameters, we will maintain 100% hazel free operations with optimum efficiency.


Our experience carpentry team give the service of repair and maintenance as per clients design for various requirements to encompass industrial, commercial and residential premises.

Painting Services

We provide specialised services for interior & exterior oil based and water based painting services.

Waste Management

We at NMG, offer a novel approach to waste management and recycling through our experienced service partners as we see value in this sector. Our waste management and recycling solutions cater to all waste streams including wet bio-degradable waste, e-waste and dry recyclable waste.

Electrical Operations & Maintenance

We provide technical team to operate and maintain the Electrical system with cost effective power consumption solutions, All the equipment’s will be maintained as per the OEM standard’s.

WTP operation & maintenance

We provide WTP operational & maintenance services with our professional team to continuous monitoring and kept the system 100% up and also Increases the life and efficiency of the equipment or Machine by minimum breakdown

Facade cleaning services

We work with experienced and competent partners to create long-term value retention of the building and enhanced life of the façade. We create a motivating ambience for its occupants and users while ensuring the safety and well-being of the operators.

Energy Management

Our subject matter experts in energy efficiency help to save energy by installing advance energy saving equipment to reduce the cost of utility bill.